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What’s your view of the world?

March 5, 2015

So today started with me walking to the bus as happens many days of the week.  As I walked to the bus I crossed the land bridge that I cross regularly.  Today though the sun was bright and it felt warm on my face.  It was a refreshing feeling today.  Part of me wanted to complain that the light was in my eyes.  Instead I chose to feel happy and warm.

It probably sounds like I’ve been reading some self help book.  That’s not true.  I’ve thinking about my life and thinking about how I feel.  I know others around me who are happy and don’t grouse about their life.  There are so many good things in our lives that we overlook.  An example of that would be a sunny day.  I grew up in Ohio and we had some sunny days.  You can

Chart showing number of sunny days in Ohiosee from this chart that a sunny day in Ohio is a little more rare than you would think.  I grew up between Columbus and Mansfield.  So you could deduce that I was used to seeing 72 or 73 sunny days each year.  Okay some of you are saying but look it says ‘but look at the partly sunny column.’  Yes that’s 101 days that are ‘partly sunny’.  That’s 101 out if 365 days per year.  If you break it down that means between 27 to 28% of the year is ‘partly sunny’.  20% of the year there’s a sunny day.  That is less then half (48%) of the year the sun shines in some quantity.  I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like great odds.

Now I live in San Francisco and I can tell that there’s more sunny days.  I don’t know that because I have counted the day.  There’s no calendar that shows the weather history.  I know because I feel different.  Simply, I feel happier.  Since I went and pulled the stats for Ohio I should do the same for San Francisco.  I’m surprised but yet I’m not because I feel different.Chart showing sunny days in San Francisco

In San Francisco we have 160 sunny days.  That’s more than double the number of sunny days in Ohio.  There’s another 100 days that are ‘partly sunny’.  So 71% of the year we have some level of sun here in San Francisco.  That’s why I feel different.  That’s why when I feel the sun on my skin it makes me feel happy and warm.

Thank you Current Results for giving me this information.  I could feel that there was more sun here in San Francisco but now I have proof that there are more sunny days here in San Francisco.

I choose to enjoy that sun and yes I wear sun screen to help from getting a sun burn.  That seems like a good problem to have in life.  Our day isn’t hot and humid.  The temperature here is fairly constant.  If it reaches 75 degrees some would say that’s just an oppressive day.  I would far rather be hot so 75 isn’t that hot.

In another situation today I was helping a coworker.  It crossed my mind that she was nervous and worried regarding the work that she was recently assigned.  I tried to help give instruction but also advice.  It’s all about small deliverable chunks.

Life is a crazy ride and you can’t control everything.  I’ve been learning that more and more in my life.  Do what you can do well today.  Don’t worry about the future.  Focus on the delivery of today.  You can control today’s outcome.  Do you want today to be positive and pleasant or do you want sulk and have a miserable day?

Action is the best cure for depression in your life.  I know depression can be clinical and I don’t want to sound dismissive.  I think many people feel this cloud of sadness in their lives.  Take action against that cloud.  Get into the sun and feel the warm on your face.

As a side note I wanted to talk about something positive that effects out country.  In February it’s reported that employment numbers are up.  The month of February brought 295,000 new jobs.  They actually say “nonfarm payroll employment increased.”  The country is continuing to grow and develop.  The report states that our normal growth has been 266,000 job over the last 12 months.

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 295,000 in February, compared with an average monthly gain of 266,000 over the prior 12 months. Job gains occurred in food services and drinking places, professional and business services, construction, health care, and in transportation and warehousing. Employment in mining declined over the month. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The one set of jobs I don’t see mentioned here is manufacturing.  I’ve mentioned before how we need to buy American made products.  It’s a real change in our countries mentality because we always want to buy the cheapest product.  We can’t compete with products made in other countries because of the disparity in labor cost.

I was at Chipotle this past week and I noticed that the plastic silverware they use is made in the USA.  I was stunned because so many times you find plastics are made outside the USA.  Kudos to Chipotle for buying their plastic silverware from an American made manufacturer.

Remember every little thing helps.  If each person bought 1 thing that was made in the USA there would be a surge in need.  Every time we do that it promotes the need for more American workers.  The more workers we have, the more they are able to put money back into the economy.  If they make the same choice and buy American we see more need and growth.  It’s a snowball effect.

So what choice will you make today?  Will you support a company that employees fellow Americans? People complain about sending money overseas.  If you buy products that are made outside the USA that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Buy one thing a week that supports an American company making it’s product on American soil.  See again small achievable goals.  It all boils down to small choice and reaching a greater goal.

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