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Introducing … ME!

January 6, 2015
Picture of me

So today I start my blogging course.  The first assignment is to introduce myself.  Sounds pretty simple write.  I mean it’s not a dating profile or anything.

So I’m here because I want to work on my writing skills and it’s a good way for me to share my knowledge.  I could do just a personal journal.  Online tools like Penzu work pretty well for writing a journal. I however wanted to get feedback on what I share.

So what am I going to write about you ask? Maybe you don’t care but I’m still going to tell you.  I’m going to share personal goals and how I’m reaching the goals. I know from my experience that goals are overwhelming and you can lose focus easily.

Plus I’m going to talk about a topic that seems bland to some but I feel they really need addressed.  An example would be how our economy could be improved by buying American made products.  Other topics might be avoiding negativity, being positive, focusing on any number of things and how I’ve made it to this point in my life.

A big question would be who’s going to read this blog?  I want it to help people and share my experiences so I’m hoping to reach people who want to better their lives.  I would like to reach my friends and family also.  I think growing an audience is a slow process.  I’m going to grow an audience and develop a following.

If the blog is successful I will be able to help others.  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll learn more about how to monetize the blog and make a little money.  Not that I want to make a fortune from the blog but the knowledge of how to make money.  This is something I could share and educate people.  Again helping people better their lives and maybe change their lives just a little.

So that’s just a little about me and what I’m hoping to gain from all this madness.  Ultimately I hope to learn and develop my skills.

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